About T43 Media

T43 Media is a Limited Liability Company featuring articles, interviews, photography and   art by resident Virginian and California native Judy McCloskey. 

         The T represents  Taormina, hometown of her maternal ancestors and her mother's profession as an English teacher. "43 " is from her father's WWII dog tags. He served in the Army's 104th Infantry Division, known at the "Timberwolves", before establishing himself as a  businessman and photographer.

     Together, her parents supported one another's endeavors throughout their 60-year marriage, and served their west coast community with compassionate intelligence far exceeding their educational degrees. They overcame language and cultural barriers, injustices, holocaust deniers, and more. For decades, their collective skills were applied to   local and state justice reforms, schools, parish, parks and recreation, and the arts. Additionally, they generously supported non-profits advancing cures for the blind, and aid to the poor, legal immigrants, women and children, crime victims, veterans, and the study and preservation of marine life, to name just a few.

          This website continues their legacy through articles, interviews, art and photography.

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The T43 Media Team

Judy McCloskey, Owner

Quentin Daugherty, Finance Director

Mary Speer, General Advisor

Stephen Jerome, Legal Advisor